The effective ways of using condoms to avoid pregnancy

Make sure you choose a condom that fits the size of the penis. When installing a condom, leave a little space at the end for sperm that comes out during ejaculation. If there is no space, then the out sperm can hit the condom and make it leak. Meanwhile, you can also buy condoms online if you don’t like to buy them in the nearby stores.

Use Lubricants

Give enough stimulation to the partner and use lubricant if necessary, so that the condition of Miss V couple wet enough, so friction during intercourse that can cause torn condoms can be reduced.

Detach Condom Properly

When finished having sex and ejaculation has occurred, immediately remove the penis before the erection is lost. This is to prevent condom leakage inside Miss V pairs.

Wear a New Condom

If you want to have sex again afterward, wash your hands and put on a new condom.

How to Save a Condom

How to store condoms should also be considered so that condoms are not easily damaged. Keep the condom in a cool, dry place, and not exposed to direct sunlight.

Using condoms in the right way increases the effectiveness of condoms to prevent pregnancy. You can enjoy intimate relationships without worrying.