Basic Softball Techniques In Capturing a Ball

Techniques to catch the ball in softball game divided into three kinds based on the direction of the ball that comes straight ball, stomach ball, and a ground ball for the explanation please read to below. In addition, you can also visit softball bats 4u to find articles related to softball.

– Straight Ball
How to do that is with a standing position, legs opened, straight ahead to the direction of the ball, the position of both hands ready in front of the chest. The ball is caught by the hand that uses the glove of the left hand, and the right hand is ready to throw the ball.

– Stomach Balls
How to do that is with the position of the body placed exactly where the ball will fall. The ball is caught with one hand or two hands simultaneously.

– Ground Ball
How to do that is the ball that comes rolling on the ground is captured by kneeling in such a way and the hands that wear the glove placed right in the direction of the arrival of the ball. While the other hand is ready to catch and throw the ball.