The top 3 famous forex traders in the world

Forex investment lovers may be very aware of this info but for the laity will, forex investment would be wondering what the heck is it? Trading Forex is a currency trading from various countries. Forex has an extension that is foreign exchange or if we mean the Indonesian language is the exchange of currency. If you master the forex trading market then you are an influential person in the world.

Forex was only can be played by big banks only, but now it can be done by anyone even your own. Talk about the big banks. Well, who are the largest traders of the world’s traders?

1. Deutsche Bank AG

Bank of Germany is able to master the transaction of 19.26% of the market. You can visit it at Deutsche banks have a very strong network in all forex markets. Usually, the region is an area that has the potential to grow well in the business world including the Pacific areas of Asia. Do not miss other areas such as Europe and Latin America. Of course, the main strength of Deutsche banks is in Germany because it is their home so do not be surprised if the market in Europe is controlled by Deutsche Bank.


Many people are looking at this UBS. UBS provides solutions to generate attractive returns to its clients. Established since 31 December 2008. UBS office center is in Swiss country. The country with the highest security level. So the savings in the Swiss country should not be afraid because your privacy is very on guard, even if you are a criminal in your country. UBS is managed to control about 11.86% of the forex market. You can go to UBS website at UBS also has offices in various countries.

3. Citigroup

Companies that stand in the United States in New York precisely this you can visit the site The company managed to master the forex market by 10.39%. Established since 7 April 1998. Of course, this company can be made the reference for who want to start learning forex.