Mistakes that must be prevented in land investment


Determine future projections to be made after buying land for investment. Will you resell it within the next few years until the price goes up or leases it to another party for business purposes? In addition, calculate also the benefits to be gained from the land investment. Do not buy the land for investment just because it follows the trendy models. Meanwhile, you can also Click here for UK landlord information.

When you see the signs of a scam

There is no harm in first studying the origin of land ownership to be purchased, the authenticity of land certificates and who will sell the land. Whether the purchase of land through a broker, intermediary, or directly to the landowner. This is necessary to avoid fraud.

If there is something odd in the transaction of buying and selling land, then you should be suspicious. For example, the price of land in a strategic area is sold cheaply. Many people are deceived by this mode. Learn more about fraudulent modes in the land sale.

Purchase Through Broker

You should take care of the land purchase process from the beginning, do not involve brokers in land purchase transactions. The process of land purchase transactions will be faster if done by the broker, but you must be ready to spend more money for brokerage fees. Choosing a broker to help the process of land transactions should also be careful, choose a broker with good credibility so as not to be fooled.

In addition, taking care of your own land purchase process can also make you learn to know the stages to be traversed during the process. So, you have experience with further land purchase transactions.

Land and Building Tax Arrears

In addition to checking the completeness of the land certificate, you should also check whether the Land and Building Taxes to be purchased are always paid by the owner each year. This is necessary because if the previous landlord is in arrears in the payment of Land and Building Tax, then the arrears will be delegated to you as the new owner.