Symptoms of Diabetes

Perhaps, you visit Penyakit Diabetes when you wonder how to treat diabetes without taking benefit of the diabetes medicine. Diabetes can affect anyone, ranging from young children to adults. The emergence of this sugar disease can be caused by the glucose/sugar in the blood is high enough.Insulin damaged will cause sugar in the body can’t be converted into glycogen or muscle sugar. Thus, the blood sugar level will increase more than normal size. Here are some signs of diabetes symptoms that are experienced by many people.

1. Feel thirsty or hungry Patients with diabetes mellitus will also experience a state where he often feels thirsty and hungry. Just how many hours of eating alone, already hungry. This happens because the body can not process glucose into energy perfectly. As a result, patients will often experience thirst or starvation.

2. Easy to tired This is normal in people with diabetes mellitus because the energy can not be produced by the body properly. Beware if you often feel tired even though not doing heavy activity though.