Sunglasses 101: Frame and material do matter

Although sunglasses main function is to protect our eyes from the UV rays, it also has a great fashion value, even for the ones that you may wear during your jogging like the best sunglasses for trail running.

Thank the designers who make great-framed glasses so current trends. The reason, the greater the glass frame means more and more protected areas. The large frame also serves to block the light coming from the side.

Apparently, large rimmed glasses also make your eyes dry easier.

Material Quality

There is a price, no goods. The price of black glasses is also determined by the quality of the material. A good black eyewear is made of optical glass with little distortion in shape. While glasses that cost cheaper, usually made of plastic.

How to tell the difference? This is the importance of trying a black eyeglass before buying. When trying and glancing right and left, you should see a distortion in its form. If not, that is, the glasses are made of plastic.