Saving Your Wedding

Wedding advisors, although expensive, offer a nuanced look at your wedding beat. An advisor may be able to identify what is wrong from a safe distance but have sufficient information. Because an advisor has no interest in this, so to say, he tends not to lie, take shortcuts, or forget the uncomfortable facts. A marriage counselor may succeed in giving relationship advice to save your marriage.

Test for changes. Does your partner really do not want to change? If so, it may be difficult to create the changes you want in your relationship. If you are unsure, take a test to see if your partner is willing to make the necessary changes to save the marriage. Again, it’s hard to help people who do not want help. You can test by:

– Ask your partner if he wants to see a marriage counselor.
– Ask your partner if he loves you for, if not more than, his love for your wedding day.
– Ask your partner if he wants to sacrifice, along with you, in making the relationship work.