Can a solvent trap be used as a suppressor?

If you own a gun for prepping or simply for your own security purposes, then it’s okay to keep it as long as it is legal. However, as a civilian, there is a very low need for you to possess a suppressor or a silencer for your gun. It’s obvious that you don’t have to kill anyone or anything stealthily like the military and the spies do. However, it’s actually quite surprising that many gun owners have noticed that a gun maintenance tool, which is a solvent trap can be used as a substitute for a suppressor.

Although this can be useful during certain dangerous scenarios, if you’re doing so, you might get the unwanted attention from the law enforcers, so perhaps it will be a wise decision not to use the solvent traps with that purpose unless you’re in an extreme danger which requires you to silenced your guns. So the point is, yes, the solvent traps can be used as a silencer, but beware, due to it can be considered as an illegal act of gun use, so bear in mind not to do it unless you’re in a great danger which forces you to use it as a gun suppressor.