How to organize your tools in the garage

Typically, garage at home is not only used as a place to store the car but also used as an alternative to the entrance to the house. However, garages are often also used as a place to store sports equipment such as bicycles, gardening equipment, and also carpentry tools. And so the items in the garage remain neat and unsightly, some the following tips. In the meantime, you can also visit Garage Master Blog to find the some of the best toolboxes online.

1. Arrange the items vertically

The garage can be an optimal place to store and organize items that are not used every day. To save space, use a vertical shelf that can be used to store cleaning utensils or perhaps pet food.

Add a board taped to the wall to hang equipment such as nails, hammers, and other building tools. You can also build a shelf above the door to store items that are only used at certain times.

2. Use a sheltered shelf

Store gardening tools such as boots, baskets, flower pots, and containers for watering plants in shelves. This will make the space in the garage does not look cramped because it is full of goods like this.

The open shelf form also makes it easy for you to store items of any size.

3. Hang all the goods

If you already have a board to hang all the items in the garage, paint some parts of the board to designate as a special area for hanging things.

Add an inverted bucket to store hard-to-hang objects such as gloves or mouth hoses. Not just a basket, you can also use a small bucket that is hung upside down to store watering equipment.

4. Cover with a curtain

Curtains are not only used in bathrooms or to close windows. The curtain is one of the easiest and inexpensive functional items to cover the items so it does not look messy.

Put a curtain in one corner in the garage to ‘hide’ various fixtures.