3 Things Should Be Considered When Choosing Meal Boxes!

Choosing the right meal box and meal prep bag is important to keep the food fresh. Also, make your child more eager to eat. Before buying a box of food, there are some important things that should be considered. It starts with the material, model, and type of meals box!

1. Type of lunch box
Plastic and stainless steel boxes are widely circulated in the market. Both are safe to use as long as they are made specifically for storing food. As a marker, manufacturers typically include food grade labels on boxed boxes.

2. Diaper making material
Do not be easily tempted to eat boxes that are sold at cheap prices. Not necessarily the manufacturing material is safe for health. Make sure the cups are BPA-free. Places to eat with HDPE, LEDPE and PP symbols are still safe to use.

3. Easy to clean
Hygiene is an important key to preparing a healthy provision. Therefore it is important to choose a box that is easy to clean. If the box consists of many compartments or containers, make sure everything is washed clean without leaving any food.