These Two Components of Design Affect Your Business

A business should have several aspects in order to get a lot of revenue and increase sales. For that, business will usually follow an ongoing bazaar in order to make their business known to many people. A bazaar is usually done in outdoor and must use a tent to make visitors comfortable. You can get the right tent at You can even print the company logo in the tent with the right tent selection.

Businesses also usually require design, in any case, to be able to increase sales of the company. So, how influential the design of the business that is running?

1. Unity

Unity is a design component that can change the image of a brand. Unity is created if the elements in the design are interrelated and create harmony.

2. Space

Whitespace or negative space is the space between the design elements. This is important even more important than the filled space. However, unfortunately, this section is often a design component overlooked in visual design.